Podcast - Episode 91: Free Comic Book Day Previews

Sorry this is late, guys. I was having trouble with the Squarespace login page yesterday and I was also too busy to deal with it.

So this week we run down some of the titles that will be available at Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. You can see them all here.

Also this week we discussed the Eisner Award nominees, which you can see here.

And here is that little 1978 documentary The World of Comic Books:

This week we introduced Rating the Super Hunks as a podcast segment. I think it worked ok. I'll let you decide. I think I should probably write out a blog post for each one, just for posterity. Please send us your requests for future hunk ratings!

See you next week! Read Secret Empire #1!!! It's so good!!!!

Podcast - Episode 90: Social Media & Secret Empire

So Marvel's Secret Empire started in earnest with issue #0 this past week. To me the only thing worth getting riled up about with this event is the insistence of publishers to keep putting out issues numbered ZERO. Enough! No more zeroes, no more decimal points.

But that is a topic for another (very boring) episode.

This week we are talking about a bunch of stuff, but the conversation mostly keeps going back to two things: Secret Empire, and social media.

We did an episode eleven months ago, just after the big HydraCap reveal, about comic books in the age of social media. I was pretty frustrated then, and, almost a year later, I am frustrated still. And that episode was recorded shortly after I wrote out most of my feelings on the matter in a blog post. I stand by everything I said then.

So this week's episode is kind of a like a check in now that a lot of the questions about this story have been revealed. And Dave and I also discuss our individual frustrations with social media, especially Twitter, as it relates to comics. And we talk about people in the industry who are good at using social media...and some who aren't. 

But ALSO this week...Bucky is maybe dead. Probably not. But maybe a little bit dead.

But at least he went out kicking Zemo in the most ridiculous way imaginable:

bucky kick.jpg

And then he died as he lived: shirtless and thinking about Steve.

Sigh. If only he'd had some sort of useful device in that new arm of his to get him out of that trap. Like...a blade...or a flame thrower...or a tiny little robot arm. Alas.

Let's top this off with our pal J.Bone's latest Steve and Bucky make-out art:

Oh, and what's this! A little HydraCap/Zemo smooching?

For @rachellegoguen #stemo #captainamerica #baronzemo #jbone

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Next week we will run down this year's Free Comic Book Day offerings! Thanks for listening!

Podcast - Epsiode 89: Artists Behaving Badly

Man. Marvel can't go a week without something bad happening, huh? When they aren't talking some noise about how diversity negatively affects sales, they are dealing with artists sneaking racist messages into their X-Men comics. At least that Thor: Ragnarok trailer dropped!

The Star Wars announcement turned out to be a bit of a letdown. I mean, it's an Omaze contest, as Dave predicted, and the prize is, I suppose, good if you are into that sort of thing. You get to go to the premier of The Last Jedi, and you get to go to the set of the Han Solo movie. Plus you spend a night at Skywalker Ranch. Personally, I would rather win drinks with Oscar Isaac.

I know why you guys are here. You want to see the panel of Bucky with the penis drawn onto him. Well, here you go:


I mean...well done, right?

Alright, so we are taking next week off, and then we will be back to talk about two weeks worth of comic book news!

Here's a Thor trailer gif for the road:


Podcast - Episode 88: Let's Talk About Marvel


Oh, Marvel. Why can't you just stop saying dumb things?

David Gabriel says that fans are complaining about too much diversity in their books, and Axel Alonso says no one cares about artists (I am paraphrasing heavily here). Dave and I have some other ideas about what might be causing Marvel's sales slump.

I was going to post a bunch of terrible panels from Thunderbolts #11 here, but why beat a dead horse? Hopefully my beloved Bucky will find himself in a better looking book soon.

It's a fun episode! I can't think of much to post this week. Enjoy!

Podcast - Episode 87: The Power of Nostalgia

The release of the new Power Rangers movie has gotten us thinking about the power of nostalgia, which seems to be the driving force behind everything these days. As our generation replaces the baby boomers as the target demographic for all nostalgic pandering, Dave and I are pondering this strange hold that things we enjoyed in our childhood has on us.

But, more importantly, Jeremy Renner released an app this past week. And it is SOMETHING ELSE.

I will never understand how these stars you can purchase work. Apparently you use them, after you buy them with REAL MONEY, to show your support for your favourite posts? To let Renner know you are his real, true fan? Gross.

Anyway, the app is worth downloading just so you can get this message when you delete it:

But enough about that wiener. Let's look at this shirtless bathroom selfie that Sebastian Stan posted:

Yes. Yesssssssssss.

Again, this seems wildly out of character for our boy. But for a first attempt, I am impressed. I mean, yes, he could have taken a second to move that fancy bottle of blue handsoap out of the foreground. And maybe move or block the 'slippery floor' sign in the background. Maybe tug the waistband of those Calvin Kleins down a little bit...maybe take the sweatpants clean off...

But overall, very good effort. And if this is just his 'en route to Winter Soldier' body, well...

To be fair, I can achieve that same effect of the underarm muscle wings by wearing a bra that is too small.

Anyway, he is lovely. Please post one of these a week, my darling.

Ok, enjoy the episode everyone! Rate us on iTunes if you have a second!

Podcast - Episode 86: The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane

Iron Fist dropped on Netflix this week, so we're watching the 2000 National Film Board Documentary: The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane.

So, first of all, here is the link to where you can watch the full documentary:

The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane

It's full of HOT. BIDDING. ACTION:





Ok, I don't really have time to write this blog post. Enjoy the episode!!!!