Podcast - Episode 117: Justice League


We saw Justice League! It's the story of a badass woman teaming up with two beautiful teenagers, an impossibly sexy sea man, and Ben Affleck to bring Superman and his chest hair back from the dead. 

We didn't hate it!

Thanks for listening, and you're lucky I was even alive to post this episode because the cover of the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter damn near killed me:


I mean, come on, Hollywood Reporter. You can't just post that without a LOT of warning.

Armie Hammer for Warlock, 2020!

Podcast - Episode 116: Thor: Ragnarok

thor loki.jpg

Thor: Ragnarok was so good, guys!

We spoil the hell out of it in this episode, so be warned.

I don't think there's anything I need to link to here, to be honest. Not many visual references in this episode. 

Oh! Except here's a link to The Case of the Missing Men, published by Nova Scotia's own Conundrum Press. Dave really liked it!

Talk to you in two weeks, because Dave is in Toronto next week (The Chilly Apple).

Podcast - Episode 115: Best of the Rest

publishers banner.jpg

We thought we'd give some of the OTHER comic book publishers some love this week. We don't hide the fact that this is primarily a superhero podcast, and that our first love is superhero-based comic books, but there are so many great comic book publishers and Dave is on the front lines of seeing what they are putting out each week, so we thought we'd check in. Most of them publish superhero books too!

Here's that delightful article about the drama that went down on the Jeremy Renner app. I'll miss that crazy app.

Thanks for listening!

Podcast - Episode 114: Comic Cover Clichés


Apologies for the very visual topic this week, but I will include some helpful images in the blog post.

Before I post some covers, here is a link to Dave's Letterbox page, where you can follow along with the spooooooooky movies he's been watching this October.

Spooooooooooky movies like this one, 1990's The Ambulance, which features the Marvel offices and some familiar Marvel faces (faces like Stan Lee, not like Bruce Banner). Dave has helpfully cut to one of the Marvel scenes here.

Oof. Eric Roberts' hair, huh?

Ok, let's look at some covers. Here you will see, in order, examples of "Death of Whoever"; "Floating Heads"; "Charging at Each Other"; "Scales of Justice" or "Big Guy Little Guys"; and "Just a Bunch of Guys".

Thanks for listening!!!

Podcast - Episode 113: Blade Runner 2049


First of all, I have to explain something:

In my headphones, this episode sounded fantastic as we were recording it. I get home, and I listen to it, and I realize that the entire time the recording was being done from the laptop microphone, not our hand-held mics that run through the mixing board. So the whole episode sounds like shit. It's listenable, but disappointing.

And on that note, let's talk about a movie with impeccable sound design and editing!

We both really liked Blade Runner 2049 a lot. Warning that this episode--or at least the last half hour or so of it--is full of spoilers.

Of course, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer did indeed drop since we recorded this. And, of course, the Infinity War one did not. 

I feel like I was supposed to link to something in this blog post but I've forgotten what it is. 

Here's a picture of Chris Hemsworth eating his own shirt:


Podcast - Episode 112: Comic Shop Etiquette (with guest Denzel Noylander)


This week we are joined by our friend and former/sometimes current Strange Adventures employee, Denzel Noylander to talk about good and bad behaviour by both comic shop customer, and comic shop staff. We get a lot off our chests.

You can listen to Denzel's podcast, Quarter Life, here. If you are in your twenties, it will be inspirational and helpful. If you are in your, say, late 30s like myself, it will make you cry and wish for a time machine.

Thanks for listening! I have nothing more to say this week! Rate us on iTunes!