Rachelle Goguen

Rachelle started the blog Living Between Wednesdays in 2006 because she wanted to share her love of comics, as well as her view that anyone can get into comics. They don't have to be intimidating, they are simply a fantastic way to tell a story where anything can happen. The response to that blog was overwhelming, and she is incredibly grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read and support her little site. The success of the blog led Rachelle to decide to move the whole shebang to a bigger website and bring along a few friends to help write it in 2009. She took a long break from the site in 2010 after becoming a mother and finding it hard to keep on top of comic books. She lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia with her husband and two sons.

The truth about Rachelle is that she is pretty much thinking about super heroes all the time and definitely wants to talk about them with you right now for as long as you've got.



Johnathan Munroe

Johnathan was born with a deep and abiding love of comics, despite the fact that he basically only had his uncle's old Amazing Spider-Man No 171 (this is why he thinks Photon is a cool super-villain and you have never heard of him) and the library's copy of the Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes to sustain him until he was, like, seven. Once he became an actual adult with an income and a local comic shop he was doomed.

He started the blog Paul and John Review (with his pal Paul, natch) in 2006 and merged with Living between Wednesdays in 2009, which was a very good deal for him. In his spare time, he reads comics, hangs out with his cool wife and cool dog, and writes things like dwarf name generators for his own amusement. 

Dave Howlett

Dave Howlett has been reading, making, and generally thinking about comic books his entire life. He has managed the Eisner Award-winning Halifax branch of Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities for almost 20 years, and has also self-published the fanzine satire comic SCENESTER and the 1980s wrestling tribute comic SLAM-A-RAMA (he's got a new one in the works too, more on that later). He lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with his girlfriend Hillary and his cat Jones. He is also always ready to defend the merits of Wonder Man with anyone who wants to step up.