Podcast: Episode 160 - Excited for 2019!


As we continue on with new and totally positive Living Between Wednesdays, we look ahead this week at what 2019 releases we are excited about. We also finally get around to acknowledging Stan Lee’s passing.

If you would like to watch that 1993 debate between Todd McFarlane and Peter David, you can check it out here. Fair warning, though, McFarlane is shirtless:

If you want to watch something much more palatable, you can check out the Cartoonist Kayfabe YouTube channel, where Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg analyze every issue of Wizard Magazine.

Ok, that shirtless image of Todd McFarlane is still taking up a lot of real estate on this blog post, so here’s the very attractive cast of Black Pather giving the Wakanda Forever salute at the Golden Globes earlier this week:


Podcast: Episode 159: Aquaman / Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Man. We turn our back for a few weeks and an Avengers trailer gets dropped, two Spider-Man movies are released, and Stan Lee dies.

Anyway, we are back! And we will continue to be back until Avengers: Endgame is released, or until the apocalypse, whichever happens first.

We saw Aquaman! And also Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Those are two movies that are in theatres right now! Later this year there will be two Captain Marvel movies in theatres at the same time. Wild times, guys.

We are going to try to make this “season” of the podcast super positive and include a lot of interviews and guests and good times. We probably won’t talk about the news very much, and we probably won’t review weekly comics.

2019: The Year I Fall Back in Love with Comics! Join us!

Podcast - Episode 158: Takin' a Break


I think it’s pretty obvious that I haven’t been giving this podcast the time that it deserves. I am just stretched very thin right now and I need to focus on some other things. And Dave has some creative projects of his own to work on. The comic book industry and fandom has been getting me down lately, so I need to take some time to remind myself why I love comics.

But we will be back! And when we come back, it will be with better episodes!

Thank you, as always, for listening. We really do appreciate it.

In the meantime, check out Grandway Comics! You can see all the trailers there for Derek Jessome and Jeff Knott’s amazing original comics.


Podcast: Episode 157 - Annuals


We said we’d talk about annuals so we’re talking about annuals.

But we also talk about other important things, like this baffling Henry Cavill Instagram post:

So beautiful but so weird.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

Podcast - Episode 156: Bruce and Dick

batman EDIT.jpg

We saw Batman’s penis!!!!

This past week the first issue of Batman: Damned came out and DAAAAAAAMN. There is some full frontal Batman. It is not disappointing.

Some other stuff happens in this comic too. He kills the Joker maybe? Who cares because BAT DONG!


I mean, you can see veins. Well done, Lee Bermejo. You did it.

See you next week when we talk about something WAY less interesting.

Podcast - Episode 155: Superman and Batman movies

superman iii.jpg

Since there were a couple of news items this past week relating to Superman and Batman movies, we decided to look back at all previous Superman and Batman movies.

I have to make a correction, too. Probably several, but the one I can remember is that I said that the Starfire character on Titans is a prostitute but I don’t think she actually is. I had just heard that, but I can’t find verification anywhere. I can’t find anything that says otherwise, either, but let’s assume that she is not actually a prostitute. Not that there is anything wrong with being a sex worker of any kind, but comic book-based entertainment has a long history of not depicting sex workers in the most…sensitive and respectful light. Anyway, the show still looks very bad.

Here is Michael Kupperman’s Dick Crazy comic, for your enjoyment:

See you next week!