Podcast: Episode 160 - Excited for 2019!


As we continue on with new and totally positive Living Between Wednesdays, we look ahead this week at what 2019 releases we are excited about. We also finally get around to acknowledging Stan Lee’s passing.

If you would like to watch that 1993 debate between Todd McFarlane and Peter David, you can check it out here. Fair warning, though, McFarlane is shirtless:

If you want to watch something much more palatable, you can check out the Cartoonist Kayfabe YouTube channel, where Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg analyze every issue of Wizard Magazine.

Ok, that shirtless image of Todd McFarlane is still taking up a lot of real estate on this blog post, so here’s the very attractive cast of Black Pather giving the Wakanda Forever salute at the Golden Globes earlier this week: