Podcast - Episode 72: Superhero Romance!

This week we are talking about SUPERHERO ROMANCE!!!! Would it have made more sense to wait until February for this topic? Probably! Do I pretty much want to talk about superhero romances all the time? Yes.

Oh, superhero romance. 

Before we get to that, here is that tweet of mine that went viral for whatever reason:

Again, I want to clarify: the original tweet by @Glamourizes is poetry. I love it.

Oh! And you can follow Living Between Wednesdays on Twitter now!

Here is the Omaze contest where you and three friends can be trapped in an escape room in Boston with Chris Evans.

If I win he is never getting out of that room.

If I win he is never getting out of that room.

Alright! On to the romance!

Here is the final page in the the sad and epic love story of Black Widow and Winter Soldier. The evil Red Room assassin, Leo Novokov, made sure Natasha would never remember her romance with poor ol' Bucky:

Bucky's life is extremely good.

Bucky's life is extremely good.

The depressing icing on the sadness cake is that Bucky refuses to even let SHIELD try to help restore that part of her memories because "She's better off without me." UGH! Bucky!!!!

Here's my girl Catwoman getting some late night action from Batman. I love how she handles him. And I super love that whip around the neck as she leads him down the stairs:

Flame emoji.

Flame emoji.

And here's my favourite Captain America love interest...BERNIE!!!

That's my girl!

That's my girl!

Damn! Right off the bat she's laying it on thick! I love this woman.

"One what?"   "A crush on Josh!"

"One what?"   "A crush on Josh!"


This is seriously the most comfortable I've seen him with a woman. But it might be because they are talking about classic Hollywood movies:

I picture Steve doing a bang-on Bacall impression here.

I picture Steve doing a bang-on Bacall impression here.

And here are a couple of panels from Captain America #289, when Bernie fantasizes about being BERNIE AMERICA!!!

Side note: it is very difficult to Google "Bernie America" these days if you want this result.

Side note: it is very difficult to Google "Bernie America" these days if you want this result.

I see no difference here between regular Steve Rogers and this version of him.

And let's end it on this recent screengrab from my Avengers Academy game, which is extremely relevant:

Podcast - Episode 71: Favourite Comic Book Creative Teams

This week on the podcast we list some of our all-time favourite comic book creative teams! Because, just like Dave and me, sometimes it takes two awesome people coming together to create magic.

I should mention that we are aware that the Buckaroo Banzai news is now irrelevant now that Kevin Smith has removed himself from the project. That happened right after we recorded this episode.

Oh, and also, I can now confirm that it's Jeff Le-MEER, not Jeff Le-MYER, so I have been wrong all these years. Also, he is very nice.

Do I have anything to link to this week? Not really. 

Here's the link to that little Mark Waid/Chris Samnee interview about Black Widow and Winter Soldier, I guess.


Here's a picture of Sebastian Stan at a spin class?

Oh, to be on that bike behind him.

(Oh, to be that bike? Nah. That's weird.)

Thanks for listening!

Podcast - Episode 70: Funnies!

Time to laugh again! This week Dave and I share some of our favourite humour comics, past and present.

Guys, why isn't there an online database of Far Side cartoons? I feel like this is a major flaw in the internet. Like, what is the internet even for?!

Here are a few favourite Far Side cartoons. I could have looked at Gary Larson's entire catalogue for days and days, honestly.

Here are those Far Side cartoons that had the captions swapped with Dennis the Menace. Dave and I almost remembered these correctly:


And here is the very excellent page from Drew Friedman's Any Similarity to Persons Alive or Dead is Purely Coincidental:


We talk quite a bit about Nicholas Guerwitch's Perry Bible Fellowship. I don't think there have been new strips in awhile, but the site has all of the strips archived and you should go read all of them. Here are some faves, including some of the ones mentioned on the podcast:

Michael Kupperman is a master, and I had a hard time choosing just a couple of things to post here as examples, but here's what I decided on:

Seriously so great. I can't recommend buying the collected volumes of Tales Designed to Thrizzle enough. And as a bonus, here are a couple of panels from the Namor comic he did for Marvel's Strange Tales #1 back in 2009:

Kate Beaton is, obviously, awesome. Here is a festive Christmas strip from, like, 2007 or so. You can buy things through her website and you SHOULD.

Here are a couple of panels from the Kraven the Hunter comic she did for Marvel's Strange Tales II in 2010, in which he needs a prom date:

Alright! Go read some funny things and try to deal with everything!

Podcast - Episode 69: Everything is Awful


...comic books don't seem so important all of a sudden, but we are gonna try to talk about them anyway! It just might be interspersed with some angry statements, confused and bewildered feelings, and barely concealed terror. 

In these troubled times, we turn to superheroes, and Dave has some comic book recommendations if you are looking for inspiration.

Here's that page from All-Star Superman that Dave was describing. Just a perfect summary of everything that Superman is and should be on one page:

And here are the pages where Cap realizes that he needs to stick with America through thick and thin. He takes off that deep-v Nomad suit and puts the much less revealing Captain America suit back on:


And here's a panel from The Avengers 1.1, which came out this past week, where Steve Rogers describes how we all feel:

Oh, and on top of everything else, Sebastian Stan has indeed shaved his beard. We're back to stubble. So consider Beard Watch '16 closed.


Still looks good, though. Still looks real good.

Podcast - Episode 68: Doctor Strange


Okay. Obviously nothing matters anymore because Trump is president and everything good is dead. 

We saw Doctor Strange! It was great! There are spoilers in the second half of this episode! Did you see how many WOMEN voted for Trump?! There is also some static fuzz that keeps coming and going throughout the episode! Sorry! America has elected the Gene Hackman portrayal of Lex Luthor as President! 

We recorded this episode before the election happened, so you can still hear an ember of hope in our voices. 

That hope has been crushed. But, hey. Comic books!

Here's something nice to take your minds off the fact that violent bigots now have the official backing of their government to "protect themselves" from minorities: Nick Bradshaw was doing sketches at Hal-Con this past weekend and donating the money to our local children's hospital! Check out his Instagram! I don't think any are posted there, but you should still follow him. Here's one of the sketches:

And now I am going to my happy place: Sebastian Stan at the Doctor Strange premier, sporting what appears to be the prelude to a full beard.

I love that suit! Please don't deport him, Emperor Trump!

Podcast - Episode 67: Luke Cage

We are recording via Skype this week because Dave is under the weather. But we both managed to finish watching the Netflix LUKE CAGE series and we have some thoughts! Lots of spoilers for the show in the last thirty minutes or so of this episode.

I don't even have much to write this week. I don't think we talk about anything that requires a visual reference. 

But it's a good episode! I promise!