Episode 168 - Game Changers


This week we are talking about game changing ideas that changed the DC and Marvel universes forever! Sometimes a creator comes up with something that really sticks, and those things should be acknowledged because we tend to take them for granted, as fans.

You can see those wild Charles Burns inks on the John Romita Jr pencils that Dave was talking about here:

I truly would love to see a whole book of different artists inking the same pencils.

And, of course, this episode title, GAME CHANGERS, had nothing to do with my debut novel, GAME CHANGER, which is a delightful smutty romance about a closeted NHL star who falls in love with the adorable guy who works at his local smoothie shop. GAME CHANGER can be bought wherever you buy ebooks (Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble…all your faves). And the second book in my GAME CHANGERS series, HEATED RIVALRY, comes out on Monday, March 25. You can preorder that now. But those books have nothing to do with what we are talking about in this episode.

Thanks for listening! Next week we will be talking about Game Failures(?), which would be big ideas that didn’t land at all and were quickly forgotten or undone.