Podcast - Episode 45: Darwyn Cooke

They say you should never meet your heroes, but I think I can speak for both Dave and myself when I say that we consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to spend the time we did in Darwyn Cooke's company.

The news of Darwyn's death this week was absolutely devastating, not only to those who knew him, but those who love his work. And there are a lot of people who love his work.

I was certainly not close with him, but he was always very warm and friendly and generous to me and I loved every opportunity I got to talk to him. I am very sad that I won't have that opportunity again. He was an unparalleled talent in the comic book world, and he was a tremendous presence here in the local comic book scene in Halifax. He was a lot of fun, and he will be dearly missed.

In this episode, Dave and I share our own memories of him, and we look back at his incredible body of work. The news of his death is still very fresh, and we are very sad, but we laugh a lot throughout the episode because the stories about Darwyn tend to be pretty funny. And we prefer to laugh than cry. 

We talk about Darwyn for the first part of the episode, but we decided to still include some of our usual content in the second half. Mostly because I needed to talk about something else for a little while. So we end with some fun comic news stuff (and talk about Civil War a little more). 

Here are some of the sketches Darwyn did for Dave that were mentioned:

We mention that Darwyn was handing out rough pencil pages from New Frontier at his Absolute Edition signing at Strange Adventures. Because he is crazy generous. Here is the one that Dave got:

And this is the one I got:

I've always wanted to get that framed together with the finished page, but I can never bring myself to cut up a copy of the comic.

Here is a sketch of Batman Darwyn did for me:

And this is what was written in the copy of his DC art book that he gave me on the last day I saw him:

And here is the clip of Darwyn talking about Nathan Boone's short film, Arty, while on a panel. Because he was supportive and nice.

I'm sad, guys. This is really, really horrible, and I am truly sorry for his close friends and loved ones, especially Marsha.

I'll leave it there. I'm not going to link to the other dumb things we talk about. Please buy Darwyn's books if you don't own them all already. And if you do own them, re-read them. And consider making a donation to Hero Initiative or the Canadian Cancer Society in his memory.

Oh, and I was not kidding about Mitchell being terrible at drawing Venom:

Podcast - Episode 44: CIVIL WAR!!!!!! (with J.Bone)


We are joined once again by our pal J.Bone to discuss the movie that we've all been, um, looking forward to, Captain America: Civil War (or, as I like to call it BUCKY! BUCKY! BUCKY! BUCKY!).

Look, I'm not even going to write that much this week. Because this episode is LONG. We joke at the beginning about going two hours, but guess what? We completely did. Longer, even!

I cut as much as I can, and the rest, I am sure you'll agree, is solid gold.

Here's the thing though, guys. I got so caught up talking about the actual plot of this movie that I forgot to mention how scorching hot Winter Soldier is in it. And so did J! Like, what was this episode even for?!

So here are some things I forgot to mention in this episode:

  1. Bucky is crazy hot;
  2. Like, so hot;
  3. Like, I could not CUSTOM BUILD a hotter man;
  4. He's so beefy and scruffy and those eyes are so sad but also so smouldering;
  5. I wish he had been shirtless;
  6. What a god damn waste of a jacked Sebastian Stan. I mean, come ON!;
  7. Not for, like, the whole movie, but maybe just an extended shower scene?;
  8. The tank top was nice;
  9. He looked good in white;
  10. I love him and I am in love with him.

So yeah. That's important.

Hey, here's a supercut of that Late Late Show episode clip where Sebastian Stan flirts hard with Sharon Stone until she flirts back with him. Then he turns into a giggling mess. It's VERY CUTE!

I wish that video wasn't edited so heavily. You can probably find that whole episode online somewhere. I would recommend. Zach Woods is very funny. At the end of the episode Sebastian turns to him and says "we should be friends!"

Anyway, enjoy the episode. We had fun recording it. I shouldn't speak for everyone. I had fun recording it, even though it went way past my bedtime.

Now let's start the countdown to the next Avengers movie! 2018! YEAH!!!!

Podcast - Episode 43: Free Comic Book Day/Civil War Countdown

HAPPY CIVIL WAR WEEK EVERYONE (in North America)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy smokes. Are you excited? I'm excited! I haven't been able to sleep, guys. I am not exaggerating. My whole life has been leading to this movie! I can feel it!

In fact, I made a top ten list of Civil War press tour moments. Here are some reference images and links:

(in no particular order)

1. Spider incident

On stage at a Q&A session in Beijing, Chris Evans noticed a red spider on Sebastian Stan's thigh (because he was staring at Sebastian Stan's thighs). Clearly not a fan of spiders, he pointed it out, making a nervous joke about how Sebastian is about to be turned into Spider-Man. Sebastian calmly picks up the spider, like some sort of witch, and gently places it on the arm of his chair. It skitters away. Chris never stops looking for it on the ground.

2. Stray hair incident

I am not making this one up, guys. This happened. On stage during a Q&A in London, Chris Evans just casually reached over and pulled a stray hair off of Sebastian Stan's face. He then tossed it on the ground and said "friendship!" To me, saying "friendship" very loudly after doing something like that in front of a giant audience sounds a lot like covering something up, but ok.

3. Mackie & Stan's "hatred" of Tom Holland

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan had a running joke in interviews that Tom Holland is a complete asshole. That is a great joke. In general, Mackie and Stan were great together on this press tour.

4. Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan

Mark Hamill and "lookalike" Sebastian Stan finally met at the London premier and it was so cute!


A photo posted by @imsebastianstan on

5. Elizabeth Olsen shutting down dumb questions

It's not easy being one of two ladies on a press tour for a movie with 5,000 men. This is the year 2016, and Elizabeth Olsen and Emily Van Camp are still being asked if the men had to watch their swearing around them. Seriously. At least these ladies are badass and shut this shit down. And Sebastian's reaction to the dumb question is the best.

6. Exhausted or maybe hung over Chris Evans forcing himself to endure a round of "fun" questions

Look, it's hard to feel sorry for these hot millionaires who play pretend for a living, but I almost cried for Chris watching this interview. But I will never not laugh at how desperately he is trying to cool off that tiny coffee.

7. Chris Evans hugging RDJ

Sniff. I have something in my eye.

8. Sebastian Stan hugging Chris Evans

A fan in Singapore asked them about Bucky and Steve being best friends, so Sebastian "proved it" by walking right over to Chris and giving him a big ol' "brotherly" hug. I honestly don't know which of them I am more jealous of.

9. Sebastian Stan holding hands with Winter Soldier statue


Apparently he was talking to "him" too. Telling him everything would be alright. Come on, Sebastian. I'm just barely keeping myself together over here.

10. Chris Evans saving Sebastian Stan's life when a woman trips in their vicinity

Guys. I can't. Come on.

Alright. that wraps that up. 

Well, here's a bonus gif:


Phew. That was a lot of work.

If you want to read Dave and my thoughts on the first two Captain America movies in detail, you can check out the posts we did about them last year:

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Make sure you visit your local comic book shop this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day! And buy something, too! And be nice. Don't be greedy. And don't be an asshole. 

Thanks for listening! Follow us on Instagram! Rate us on iTunes! Leave us a comment! 


Podcast - Episode 42: Vertigo and Shelly Bond

What a god damn week, huh?

We thought we'd talk about Vertigo Comics this week, with the announcement of DC's "restructuring" of the imprint and the firing of CEO Shelly Bond. Because seriously, DC. What the hell?

We also talk about one of my least-favourite people on Earth, Eddie Berganza. Who is STILL EMPLOYED BY DC!!!!

I posted the super dumb DC Nation column he wrote in 2007 on Twitter this week. Here it is, in iPhone photo format:

Cool stuff, E.

So anyway. That guy sucks.

I wrote a post on this blog about the Minx comics line when it folded back in Sept 2008. It expands on some of the things I mention on this episode. If you like there is also a little interview I did with Mariko Tamaki about her Minx book, Emiko Superstar. Shelly Bond gets some love in that interview. And here is a post that Dave wrote in 2009 about the Vertigo Crime line.

But enough about things we wrote. Let's instead talk about shirts Chris Evans wore. In particular, this one, which he wore in Singapore:

I'm just saying a sudden downpour would not have been unwelcome.

Also important this week, Chris hugging Sebastian:

Sebastian holding hands with Winter Soldier:

And Chris Evans full on checking Sebastian Stan out. On stage. In front of everyone:

The flirting between those two, and between Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, was out of control this week. On next week's episode I will tell you the story of how Chris Evans reached over in the middle of a press conference and removed a stray hair from Sebastian's face. Because he did that. That is a thing that happened.




Podcast - Episode 41: Steve McNiven!

Holy smokes you guys! Civil War mania is reaching a fever pitch, and it's not just in my own head any more! Dave and I are very serious about wanting to remain spoiler free when it comes to this movie, but we could not resist talking to Steve McNiven about his recent trip to L.A. to attend the world premier! He also visited the set in Atlanta last year! Oh, and he also drew the Marvel comic series Civil War. 

Steve McNiven is a superstar and he also lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia! He is also a super nice (and tall) guy and kindly invited Dave and me into his beautiful home to talk to him about all sorts of stuff. This is his very first podcast appearance ever you guys! What an honour!

I was very disciplined and I didn't even ask him how wonderful Sebastian Stan smells, or what Chris Evans' arms feel like, or if either or both of them are surrounded by an aura of pure white light. Or if that light only appears when they are standing together.

I kept it 100% professional.

Dave and I talk about some other stuff before, but whatever. Trailers, Spider-Man logos...these are all things you can Google.

Here is the cute lil' video of Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan on their way to a mystery location (Phoenix, AZ) to surprise some fans at one of the advance screenings of Civil War:

I would post more images and video of Civil War promo stuff, but there is just way, way too much. 

Ok, I am very tired from editing this podcast. Enjoy!

Podcast - Episode 40: Captain America II: Death Too Soon

We just couldn't put it off any longer, guys. We bit the bullet and watched the second (and thankfully final) 1979 Captain America television movie, Death Too Soon. It's...not good.

I'm not gonna lie. I am pretty distracted writing this post because I am waiting for the live stream of the Civil War red carpet premier to start. Also, there are like one gajillion amazing images, interviews, videos, and gifs hitting the internet this week of all my favourite men. Like this one:


Look, I'm probably gonna get in trouble with big popcorn here, but here are the links to the Pop Secret promotional Marvel comics by Peter David and Marc Laming:

Hawkeye vs Black Widow
War Machine vs Falcon
Iron Man vs Captain America
Black Panther vs Winter Soldier

My apologies if any of those links go dead. You don't wanna mess with the Pop Secret thugs.

Maybe you didn't believe us when we said there is a lengthy scene in Captain America: Death Too Soon where Steve Rogers paints a portrait of a cat. Well, joke's on you, dummies!

Yeah. It happened. And then some local thugs intimidated him by PAINTING GLASSES ON THE CAT!

There is NOTHING funnier than that!

So, it's a really good movie. If you don't believe me, here is a good clip that shows you Captain America drive his motorcycle into a prison, drive around inside for awhile, and then fight three dogs for way too long:

Ok, not much more to report this week. Thanks for listening. Next week...maybe an awesome surprise guest! Stay tuned!