Podcast - Episode 30: Jessica Jones and the Super Ladies of TV!

We turned the big 3-0 this week, guys! And to celebrate, we had Tiina Johns back on the show! We finally talk about Jessica Jones, and a bit about other heroic ladies on television. A very little bit. This may be a good topic to revisit in a later episode.

Here's the fresh new look for Captain America:

And here's the first cover, with a lil' Winter Soldier in the background:

Bucky! Is that really you, buddy?!

Speaking of Winter Solider (and I usually am), I forgot to mention these hot new Bucky drawings J.Bone posted on Instagram this past week:

Shady character #civilwar #wintersoldier #winterschildren #buckybarnes #drawing #jbone

A photo posted by J.Bone (@originaljbone) on

Awwww, look at him!

Here's that Chris Evans Glenn Frey tweet that Dave mentioned. God bless Chris Evans and his adorably earnest Twitter account.

Don't worry. Jeremy Renner's Twitter account is still amazing:

And here's a little Sebastian Stan in Ricki and the Flash, dancing like a goof with Rick Springfield:

Alright, that's it for two weeks! I am off to Toronto to bother J.Bone and see Bruce Springsteen! Go see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! It's great!

Podcast - Episode 29: The X-Files!!!

Holy smokes, guys! The X-Files is coming back this week! We had to have superfan Hillary Titley (the Scully to Dave's Mulder), on the show to gush for awhile. So this episode ended up being pretty long. Twice as long as a regular episode, actually. And I think Dave says, like, five words.

Here is our guest, Hillary, holding the framed, signed oh-so-90s David Duchovny photo that we mention:

I was going to post a link to the Civil War panel video but I realized that I included it in last week's post. Hmmm. Well, we can look at some pictures of Chris Evans in a tux at the Golden Globes instead:

Oh knock it off, Christopher.

And here is Sebastian Stan at an afterparty, all safe and happy and sockless:

Did they coordinate their navy tuxedos? We can only guess! (Yes. Of course they did).

It's a long episode, guys. You don't have time to read stuff. I'm done.

Podcast - Episode 28: Great Writing/Bad Art & Great Art/Bad Writing

This week we totally talk about actual comic books! We talk about books that had such great writing that we were (almost) able to overlook the not-so-great art. And then books that had art that was so great that we bought them even though the writing was just terrible. It gets kinda mean, not gonna lie.

And the panel at the top of this post is, of course, from JLA (great writing by Grant Morrison, just dreadful art by Howard Porter). Here are a few more of the comics we mention:

1. Animal Man with great writing by Grant Morrison, not-so-great art by Chas Truog:

2. Miracle Man with great writing by Alan Moore, not-so-great art by Chuck Beckum:

3. Godland with great art by Tom Scioli and not-so-great writing by Joe Casey:

4. Doom Patrol with great writing by Grant Morrison, not-so-great art by Richard Case:

5. Our favourite example: Superman/Batman with great art by Ed McGuinness, terrible writing by Jeph Loeb:

Hey, if you want to watch the entire Captain America: Civil War panel from Wizard World New Orleans, you can!!! Right here.

And if you want to see how extremely handsome and snugly Chris Evans looked while doing that panel, here's some visual reference:

I'll finish this with a picture of that Winter Soldier Dorbz toy that is coming out and is adorable. And some very funny fan art inspired by it.

Nah, I lied. I'm gonna end this with a selfie of Sebastian Stan in a tux on Golden Globes night:

Podcast - Episode 27: 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to 2016, or as I like to call it, the year of Captain America: Civil War!

Dave and I get excited about all sorts of things that are going to be coming out this year.

First of all, here are the crazy adorable, impossibly awesome crochet Captain America and Winter Soldier that J.Bone made for me!!!!


I know why you guys come here: hilarious Captain America: White panels. Here you go!

I actually forgot to mention this one on the show. It made me laugh out loud for real:

"Soft spot." Skull knows what's up.

Here's Steve and Bucky rolled into a tight ball. This goes on for a few panels:


Here are the very oddly posed In Memoriam statues of Cap and Bucky:

And here's Captain America riding off into the American Flag sunset, his shield concealing the middle finger he's flipping Fury, probably:

Oh, Captain America: White. I miss you already.

Here is that VERY short Disney Channel clip about Civil War. It's a minute long and it made me lose my mind three times.



I have been looking at a lot of Stormpilot fanart on Tumblr. There is some great stuff. Like this:

But don't worry. I still make time for great Stucky fanart. Like this:

And speaking of Stucky, here is that Vanity Fair piece about the Steve/Bucky fandom.

Alright! First episode of 2016 done! Thanks for listening. Will we ever do a Jessica Jones episode? Stay tuned!


Good lord I forgot to post the gif that Matt made me for Christmas! Here it is:

And also, here is a link to the advent calendar he made for me in 2010. And here's a taste of what it was like:

Podcast - Episode 26: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Merry Christmas! Dave already got everything he wants for Christmas, in the form of Star wars: The Force Awakens, so we're gonna talk about that.

I will warn you that this episode is crazy spoilery for The Force Awakens, so don't listen if you haven't seen it yet! At least not the second half.

Before I even get started, I received a package in the mail the day after we recorded this and it was from J.Bone and LOOK!!!!!



I love them and they are my best friends. Thank you, J!!!!!!!

Speaking of gifts, here's that Chewbacca cookie plate I gave to Dave last week:

I can't take credit for the peanut butter balls.

And here's the entirety of my Christmas list for, I dunno, 2020 or whenever they actually release this thing:

hot toys ws.jpg

Oh, Winter Soldier doll. I have so many inappropriate thoughts about you.

And here's that Civil War promo art that includes Sebastian Stan's quote about Bucky "going both ways."

And here is that weird Cineplex holiday ad that features a little girl Winter Soldiering a living snowman:

So weird!

We are taking next week off so see you in 2016! Thanks so much for listening! We both really love doing this podcast.