Podcast - Episode 132: Never Been Collected


Ohmygod I am so sorry I forgot to write this blog post. I kept realizing I hadn't written it yet all week, but always at a time that I couldn't do anything about it. And then I would forget again.

So here is this week's (last week's?) episode. We talk about some of our favourite comics that have never been collected. Also, Hillary joins us for the final time (well, hopefully not final time, but for now) to talk about the season finale of The X-Files. She also has written a Queer Eye nomination letter for Walter Skinner, and it's pretty great.

Here is a link to the web comic Daisy Owl. As far as I can tell, the creator, Ben Driscoll, designs games now.

The second installment of Daisy Owl stands as one of my favourite single comic strips ever:

daisy owl.gif

And if you like adorable romance, you should definitely check out Miss Abbott and the Doctor.

Sorry again for the delay.