Dudes, Seriously

I have decided to extend the contest I am currently running for another week. I thank everyone who has sent in submissions so far, but I really can't believe that so few of you comic-loving types have nerdy objects in your homes. It can be ANY nerdy fan object. Anything that proudly says I Love This Character/Comic/Show/Celebrity/Movie and If You Don't Like It You Can Get the Hell Out of My House.

So please, if everyone emails me a photo of their favourite nerdy fan object then I will be able to make an awesome post that will serve as a glowing tribute to rabid fandom.

We don't even need to think of it as a contest (although there is still a fabulous prize: one autographed copy of the new Oni Press book Shenanigans). Just think of it as something awesome you should do. I refuse to believe that anyone who reads a comics blog wouldn't have at least one beloved fannish object. Even if you have, like, a single action figure...where do you display it? How is it posed? This stuff is FASCINATING!

Alright. Start snapping those photos and hopefully by next Monday I'll have enough to make a little museum of awesomeness. Send them to rachellegoguen at gmail dot com.

Don't make me sic my Dr. Doom curly straw on you.