Totally Terridorable!

Drawn and Quarterly's new book, The Bun Field, by Amanda Vähämäki, is a surreal, stream-of-consciousness story told with dreamy pencil sketches and eerie dialogue.

Vähämäki, a Finnish creator, has delivered a book that fits perfectly into the genre of terridorable. This is where something is equally adorable and terrifying. Or starts off adorable, coaxing you in with big eyes and round cheeks and then—GAH—terrifying!

 Like, say, manbabies.


The Bun Field begins with an androgynous little kid waking up from a scary dream into a world that's even more strange.

The scenes that follow accurately recreate the feeling of a dream—there's a subtle feeling that nothing is quite right, and that something terrible is just around the corner.  Sweet things turn strange really quickly.

 Aw, the kid has a bear for a friend!

Uh, cool it, bear.

The bear actually turns out to be a complete douche, and forces the kid to drive the car, even though s/he doesn't know how.

Later, the kid meets this awesome talking cat, but it's totally terridorable.

I'd listen to that cat.

Our poor protaganist discovers this field full of cute, Barbapapa little dudes, growing happily in the soil.

And s/he's forced to plough the field! KILLING THEM ALL!

That ain't right.

If you want more fuel for your subconscious mind, you can check out a free preview of The Bun Field on the Drawn and Quarterly site.