Podcast - Episode 113: Blade Runner 2049


First of all, I have to explain something:

In my headphones, this episode sounded fantastic as we were recording it. I get home, and I listen to it, and I realize that the entire time the recording was being done from the laptop microphone, not our hand-held mics that run through the mixing board. So the whole episode sounds like shit. It's listenable, but disappointing.

And on that note, let's talk about a movie with impeccable sound design and editing!

We both really liked Blade Runner 2049 a lot. Warning that this episode--or at least the last half hour or so of it--is full of spoilers.

Of course, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer did indeed drop since we recorded this. And, of course, the Infinity War one did not. 

I feel like I was supposed to link to something in this blog post but I've forgotten what it is. 

Here's a picture of Chris Hemsworth eating his own shirt: