Podcast - Episode 134: Speculation, Hype and Other Nonsense


Some recent comic book events have rekindled the very boring wildfire that is comic book speculation. Remember all those people who got rich off the two dozen copies of that Death of Superman comic that they ripped from the hands of children and sealed in plastic for twenty years? You know them; they live in that mansion on the hill. With the yacht.

I'm just kidding. They died, and their siblings had to lug box after dusty box to their local comic shop, where the long-suffering shop owner had to explain that the entire collection was worth, maybe, $200 (or $300 in store credit). And the siblings were like "Fine. Whatever. I just never want to see these damn things again."

Anyway, people are once again thinking that buying mass quantities of comics that, y'know, EVERYONE is buying is going to be an excellent investment. I mean, we're not learning anything else from history, so, sure. Why not?

This Week in Winter Soldier returns this week, because Steve TALKS WORDS TO BUCKY in the newest Infinity War TV spot. LOOK AT THEM!!!!


Oh my god. That WIG! Bucky out here looking like Pearl Jam Unplugged.

They could just cut his hair! He could look like THIS:


Imagine if Steve rolled back into Wakanda and Bucky casually strolled up to him with a cozy sweater and a sharp new haircut and just a hint of sun in his complexion. 


Thanks for listening!