Make Dragons History!

Are your plans constantly being interrupted by dragons?

Have your children been eaten by dragons?

Do you go to start your car...only to find it's been destroyed by a dragon?

Do you have to replace your roof more than three times/week?

Do you wish you could walk out of your house without seeing this:


It doesn't have to be like this.

It's time you took a stand. It's time you took your life back. It's time you purchased....


This all-in-one dragon defense system features not one, but two blades. Use them together, or take them apart for double dragon slaying action! The spiked hand grip will tear unwanted dragons apart! The Dragon Mutilator is the brand dragons know and fear. Simply put, you would be a fool to not purchase this incredible weapon.

It's time to let the dragons know that they are not the boss of you. It's time to stand up and say "Those babies I make are for me to love, not for dragons to eat!" With the Dragon Mutilator no dragon will bother you and no woman can resist you. Now when someone asks "Aren't you afraid of that dragon?" you can proudly say "Not anymore."

The Dragon Mutilator can be yours for only $28, available at finer websites and flea markets everywhere.