This Week's Haul: Blame The Wire

Two things:

1. I am watching The Wire for the first time and it is preventing me from reading my comics in a timely manner.

2. Tiina is away on tour with her band for the next month or so.

Late reviews that are very short!!!

Amazing Spider-Man #596

I had to figure that EVENTUALLY, after a year and a half of printing an almost weekly Spider-Man comic, there would have to be one issue that was just terrible. This was that issue. I don't even know where to start. Between the booger and diarrhea-related gags, the fact that EVERYONE was talking like a 21-year-old idiot, and the prostitutes, this was probably the most painful comic I have read since...I dunno. Has Jeph Loeb ever written Witchblade?

BRUTAL, Marvel. BRUTAL. For the first time since Brand New Day started, I don't feel like reading the rest of this storyline.

The one good thing I will say about it is that I noticed that the artist, Paulo Siqueira, draws anatomy really well. Like, the prostitutes had realistic bodies. So, that was good, I guess.

World of New Krypton #4

Three of the most attractive Green Lanterns take an impossible break from the events that are going on in their own comic books to show up for a tour of New Krypton, and they aren't impressed. Hal regards the place like I do an American city that doesn't have a Target: it sucks and it needs to be destroyed. After they douchily hover all over the planet and decide it blows, they basically tell New Krypton to watch its back. By the way, have I mentioned how hot Superman looks in that Kryptonian military uniform? Rrrrao!

Batman & Robin #1

As if there is a single comic fan who hasn't read this. It's awesome. It will continue to be awesome.

The Muppet Show #3

Man, seriously. SERIOUSLY. This is just such an incredible comic book accomplishment. Roger Langridge is now topping my list of people I am excited to meet at this year's HeroesCon (only two weeks away!).

Jonah Hex #44

This is the first of a six-part Jonah Hex storyline, which is a completely new format for the comic. I hope it works and gets a lot more people to buy this comic every month. My girl Tallulah Black is a part of this storyline, so that makes me happy. Also making me happy are the first images of Josh Brolin from the set of the Jonah Hex movie!

Secret Six #10

I think Deadshot is going to have to be rated as a super hunk soon. This would make him the first villain (or villain-esque character) to be rated.