Ohhhhhhh Canada

Oh the posts I had planned for this week.

As you probably know by now, I hit the road tomorrow for five weeks with my band. Because this blog will be largely neglected during this time, I had planned to go out with a bang and throw down some of my biggest and best posts ever during the past few days.

Sadly, that was not in the stars for me. Instead, horrible stomach flu...or possibly food poisoning... was in the stars. Now, I haven't had a stomach flu since I was ten, and as far as I know I've never had food poisoning. While I appreciate that the timing wasn't bad compared to, say, having a stomach flu while touring, it still kinda sucked a lot. And thus, the blog goes unupdated as I head into the wilds of Canada.

In my absence, I turn to some of my real-life buddies to pick up the slack. All three have excellent comic blogs, know far more about comics than I do, and should be encouraged to post more.

My friend Jonathan Munroe, and his friend Paul, have a blog called Paul and John Review, which has, with time, pretty much turned into John Writes About the Legion of Super Heroes. It's great.

Dave Howlett, manager of Strange Adventures and all-around decent guy, just moved on over to Blogger from Livejournal with his blog, All This and Earth-2. You can get your weekly review fix there.

And my pal Ben Jeddrie, who also works at Strange Adventures with me and who makes those awesome Stolen Minks animated videos, writes Good Book Readin'. Particularly good if you are interested in Christian Archie comics. And who isn't?

So there are three solid up-and-coming comic bloggers that you can check out. And if you happen to be in any of the cities my band is playing on this tour, please come out and say hi! I'll be the one behind the keyboard! Probably wearing a t-shirt with a superhero on it.

Here's the amazing poster that Mike Holmes made for us with all the tour dates:

Any of those dates are subject to change. If there are any changes, we'll be posting them on our official tour blog.

I'll certainly be reading everyone else's blogs from the road. Especially since I won't have any new comics to read until I get back! Ack! I do have some Showcases that I'm bringing along, though. It's a good time to catch up on some reading.

Oh! And to everyone who mailed me CDs for the trip! Thank-you so much! I am making mix CDs for you, and had planned to mail them out before the tour, but my CD burner has crapped out on me. I assure you, my mix CD is awesome, and is worth the wait. Sorry about the delay, but your CDs are appreciated and I look forward to listening to them in...Manitoba. Or wherever.

Well, I guess that's it for me then. Stay out of trouble, everyone. I'll be back near the end of August. Maybe there will be the occasional post here before then. I hope so.