Playing God with HeroMachine

You know how when you're "working" in your office, or on your lap top at home, it's always about 30% actual work and 70% dicking around on the internet? You're like, how can I possibly write a report without first checking Icanhascheezburger? And if you find some sort of cool little game, you're just screwed for the day? Uh huh.

My latest internet time waster is the awesome HeroMachine, where you can build your own superhero. If you've ever tried to create the perfect Mii, or spent hours on one of those doll making sites, you'll lose your mind over this. The options are endless for costumes, weapons, hairdos and sidekicks.

I made one of Rachelle, LBW's creator, founder and stern, yet loving mama.

Bobo the Bold wears a spider insignia because it's what she fears most! Her costume easily transforms into office biz-casual, for when she's in secret identity mode. Her sidekick, Wally, is a magical pony that turns into a stuffed Walrus when necessary. She's got the weaponry of some of her favourite heroes. And yes, Bobo's rocking a beaver tail.

Go make one! You can be all Stan Lee, "When I created this special character..."