Degrassi Forever

Over at the official Degrassi The Next Generation site they have posted some photos from last weekend's Word on the Street festival in Halifax. Actor Mike Lobel (Jay Hogart), artist Ramon Perez, writer J Torres and Epitome Entertainment guy Chris Jackson represented Degrassi Street and participated in a little panel discussion that I got to moderate.

You can check out the pictures here (including this one of me).

The Habs were playing an exhibition game in Halifax that day, which I went to immediately after. Thus, I was wearing my colours. Normally I would have dressed my formal Aquaman t-shirt or something.

I'm going to post this photo too because I like it, even though I look a disappointing amount like Rosie O'Donnell in it. I think I was talking or something and it caught me at the wrong millisecond.

I like that J Torres's rock pose is "call me!"

This one is fun too.

All pictures were taken by my mom, including that one of all of us on the Degrassi site. Thanks, mom!