Today is Strange Adventures owner Calum Johnston's birthday!

Besides opening and operating the greatest comic shops ever, Cal is just generally the greatest guy you'll ever meet. He does more for the comic book community than anyone I've ever heard of, which includes but is not limited to:

- Giving away tens of thousands of comic books on Free Comic Book Day
- Bringing in an impressive array of comic creators to this tiny town
- Keeping a very small store fully stocked with everything you could every want, including a ton of all-ages books
- Throwing kick-ass Halloween parties
- Paying for everything. Seriously, everything. That man will not let you pay for your own meal.
- Giving everybody rides in his big yellow bug.
- Giving me, like, so many comics. And Montreal Canadiens-related gifts.
- Giving lots of stuff to charities.
- Selling all the back issues at the shop today for ten cents each! Seriously. Go there now.
- Buying and giving away 300 copies of Supergirl #20 to support the change in art.
- Just generally being super supportive of everyone in anything that they try to do.

Happy Birthday Cal! You rule!