Wonder Girl vs Shark vs Octopus (Winner = Readers)

Comics are late this week because of Canadian Thanksgiving (which I am still full from).

So, in the meantime here is a little taste of the awesomeness that is Showcase Presents Wonder Woman.

I thought this might be the greatest panel ever:

Until I saw this one later on the same page:

She totally threw that shark into that octopus.

I absolutely love the bug-eyes on that octopus. Dude is pissed.

If you need to be sold on this Showcase collection, let me tell you that the first half of the book features stories based on the following repeating premises:

1. Steve Trevor asking Wonder Woman to marry him; Wonder Woman refusing because she can't be married as long as there is even one person left in the world in need of rescuing; Steve coming up with ridiculous bet or challenge that, if lost by Wonder Woman, means she has to marry him; Steve losing bet.

2. There are more than one Wonder Woman and someone (Steve, Wonder Woman's mom) has to pick out the real Wonder Woman.

3. Wonder Woman being faced with an utterly insane challenge; Wonder Woman emerging victorious.

There are stories that combine all three of these things.

The second half of the book features a lot of Wonder Girl stories, like the one I posted panels from above. These mostly involve Wonder Girl rescuing her Mer-boy "friend" from various crazy creatures. They also involve Wonder Girl attempting to meet or see Wonder Woman in person, which by Amazon law is impossible. Or whatever.

What I am saying is that Robert Kanigher makes Bob Haney seem like a master storyteller. These stories are totally nuts.