Rating the Super Hunks #16: Ryan Choi

I hope that everyone is cool with what I have decided will be a bi-weekly schedule for Rating The Super Hunks. I just don't have the time to keep it up on a weekly basis anymore. And I know you guys don't want me to resort to fill-in writers.

So let's pull out our microscopes and look way down at the man I am calling Super Hunk Rookie of the Year...

The Atom, aka Ryan Choi

Costume/Apperance: I think Ryan's science nerd friends did a nice job designing his costume. It takes the best elements of the classic Ray Palmer costume and brings it up-to-date. I particularly like the red that runs down the outside of the pants, and the blue on the inside. I love the stylized A on the front and the red boots and blue gloves, and, of course, the big giant belt.

I'm never a fan of the hair-concealing mask, but that big ol' atom symbol looks cool. And the costume, like the Flash suit, is as tight as a costume can possibly get, and shows off Ryan's gymnast physique.

Outside of the costume, and at full-height, Dr Choi is a real looker. He's got that young, hot professor thing going for him.

I would say that Ryan has gotten considerable more attractive since John Byrne stopped drawing him (cough, cough).

Ryan isn't, like, crazy hot. But he's tangibly hot, and that counts for something. He's a cute nerd with a perfect body and a handsome face. What else could you ask for?

Rating: 8/10

Personality: Of all the heroes in all of comic books, Ryan Choi is the one that I feel I would be most comfortable hanging out with. Even though I know nothing about science, I do know a thing or two about being nerdy.

Ryan just blends heroism and nerdiness and humour really nicely. He's like Peter Parker, but not completely annoying.

He's a physics professor who idolized Ray Palmer as a kid. Now he's basically in way over his head as he took over both Palmer's job at the university in Ivy Town, and Palmer's superhero identity. Most people would have a hard time suddenly being thrown into the craziness that is the DC world of superheroing, but Ryan has handled it very well. No matter how unusual the situation.

Above everything else, Ryan Choi is just a really nice guy. With most of these super hunks, there is at least one incredibly shitty thing that the hunk in question has done that I need to factor in. Now, I realize that Ryan is new on the scene and he therefore has plenty of opportunity to self-destruct, but I would be very surprised if he ever does anything awful to anyone. He's just a sweetheart. Maybe a bit of a push-over, but a sweetheart nonetheless.

I mean, who else would capture an alien floating head who showed up at his house to destroy him, and then let him live with him as his new roommate? Only the nicest guy in the world.

He definitely needs to stand up for himself more, but I think he's learning.


Day Job: Physics professor. I can't say that this is the sexiest profession in the world, but it isn't the least sexy either. At least he's smart. And successful. That counts for something.

It seems to get the ladies, anyway.


Sexiness of Super Powers: Well...he can shrink really small. That's...sexy? I dunno, it isn't, like, super strength, or flight, or enhanced senses or anything. It's actually kinda gross.

But I do like the way he surfs on the Bangstick. And I like the word 'Bangstick.'

And the gymnastics and fighting ability certainly counts here. He's pretty awesome in battle.

I would even go so far as to factor in that he has the most consistently hilarious banter in comics right now.


Cons: I'm having a tough time here. Maybe because Ryan is so new he hasn't really shown many flaws. I mean, he's not the most assertive superhero on the block, and he gives off vibes of total inexperience with the ladies, but overall there isn't too much to hold against this guy.

I dunno...I can't really think of any reason to deduct marks.

- 0

Final Score: 30/40

Nice work, Ryan! You're already in the big leagues of super hunkery. I think we can thank Gail Simone. The lady knows how to write a dreamboat.