Wait'll You See My Mega Rod

This Saturday past was the Strange Adventures Halloween party. There were some truly excellent costumes.

In defiance of the Death of the New Gods, I went as Barda:

That gives you some idea of what her armor would look like if it were really, really shitty. And made mostly of bristol board, electrical tape, and some metallic gold track pants.

Also, I had to wear a hat under the helmet to keep the helmet from falling off. You can see the hat pretty clearly in most pictures, which is too bad. The belt also kept falling down.

I wasn't the only New God! Orion in da house!

Check out the Kirby hand happening in the next photo:

Here I am with my bitches:

Aren't their costumes so cute? Check it out:

Awwww. It was a bowling party, by the way. Thus the bowling shoes on everyone.

Two Harrison Fords are better than one!:

That's Matt as Han Solo, and Ben as Indiana Jones. Not bad, boys.

Winner of best Female costume went to the Ultimate Warrior:

Best male costume went to Jayne from Firefly:

Pee Wee is looking on there. Here's a better shot of him:

Mr and Mrs Skeleton won Most Uncomfortable, but really they deserved so much more. These are some great costumes:

The eyes glowed, too, but you can't really see it there.

The New Gods had the heavy burdon of tallying the votes and announcing the winners. Here's Barda and Orion crunching the numbers:

We left the bowling ally to go to a house party. First a few of us stopped in at Wendy's:

Then on to the house party, at which point my memories become very hazy. I do know that Tigger costume + Superman Returns mask + Beard = scariest thing I have ever seen:

Apparently I was wearing that mask later. I don't recall this, but there are pictures.

I'd love to see photos of all of your halloween costumes! Hook me up with some links!