Archie Sunday: Don't Mess With Smithers

I don't write about Archie comics enough in this blog, considering my infinite love for them. Thus I kick off a new weekly feature: Archie Sunday.

This digest was about to go out on the shelf at Strange Adventures yesterday when Tiina noticed what an amazing cover it had. It has to be shared.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the moment that Jughead's friends realized that his obsession with food wasn't funny anymore:

These people aren't amused. They aren't even annoyed. These kids are terrified. Look at Veronica. She fears for her life. She is thinking "We were supposed to build a model of a famous structure. Why the hell would he make a giant sundae? I am starting to think it's not even a joke for him. He might actually think a sundae is a famous piece of architecture. He can't tell the difference! Oh my God!"

Archie's face is even more telling. "My God, I think he's actually crazy. People have been telling me he might have mental problems for years, but I never believed them. I think they might be right. He has to go to the hospital. My best friend has a serious problem!"

So that cover is awesome. And then inside we found a panel that is EVEN MORE AWESOME!

Behold the alarming power of the Lodge's butler, Smithers:

He is kicking both of them. In the butt. At the same time.

I mean, to be able to brace yourself in a doorway and swing your legs out like that at all is reasonably impressive for a man of Smither's build. But to do it with enough power and precision to kick two full-grown men in the ass simultaneously down a flight of stairs is nothing short of amazing. Smithers is like Batman.