This week's haul...makes me rethink my pull list

I was thinking that since I haven't been reviewing my weekly comics lately, instead of doing that this week I will take a long hard look at my pull list.
I want to cut it down by quite a bit because I am frankly tired of being buried in comics, but also because I am finding myself very bored by most of the comics I read.
So maybe you guys can help me make some decisions.
Action Comics
Superman: World of New Krypton 
I am actually thinking of dropping all comics written by James Robinson because they are really not doing it for me. I think I'll keep Supergirl and World of New Krypton and drop the rest of the Super titles until all this stuff is wrapped up. Because it is really dull. There have been so many issues where basically nothing interesting happens at all, and I usually forget about the comics as soon as I am done reading them. This is the sort of thing I want to avoid.
Amazing Spider-Man
I have enjoyed nearly every issue of Amazing Spider-Man since Brand New Day began, so I am definitely keeping this one. Unlike Superman, the issues are quite memorable and have great cliffhangers.
Ambush Bug
Well...I guess I can hold out for the last issue of this. Whenever it comes out.
Animal Man: Last Days
I am actually enjoying this way more than I thought I would. And it's a mini-series that falls into that category of "mini-series that I enjoy, but not really enough that I would buy the trade, so I may as well buy the issues." I'll keep it.
Batman: Brave & the Bold
As much as I love that this is a comic, I think I'm gonna let it go. I have an awful lot of kids comics and, though I love them in theory, they are written for small children so they aren't particularly exciting. I dropped Super Friends and Billy Batson for this reason. But I will still buy any issue drawn by J.Bone.
Batman & Robin
I guess I will have to wait to see how the next issue of this is now that Quitely is done his first run on it. Man, those three issues were awesome though!
Blackest Night
I know I kinda hated the first issue, but I am enjoying this event now so I am sticking with it.
Booster Gold
I just realized that I didn't get the latest issue of Booster Gold. And I didn't notice. Hmmmm...nah. I love Booster Gold. He stays.
BTVS: Angel HCs
Do not judge me.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TPs
I have only been reading this comic in TP format, which is something I would like to do with more comics.
Captain America
Captain America: Reborn
Obviously these are not going anywhere.
Brubaker is done, so that sucks. I'll see how the next one is. My love of Daredevil as a character transcends writers, usually.
This is the sort of thing that I would normally not even consider having on my account, except I read everything Jeff Parker writes (which reminds me...must add Agents of Atlas TPs to account)
Flash: Rebirth
This is definitely in the maybe pile. This week's issue kinda implied that the story might get less agonizing starting with the next issue, so I guess I will hold out another month and see.
Ghost Rider
As long as Jason Aaron is writing it, I am reading it. Because it is the best.
Green Lantern
I recently dropped Green Lantern Corps because it makes me sleepy, but I think Green Lantern will be staying on the account for a long time. I think it's some of Geoff Johns' best work.
Hector Plasm
Tales Designed to Thrizzle
These all fall into the "if there is ever a new series/issue I'll get it" category that doesn't exactly put a strain on my wallet.
Jersey Gods
Aw, I like Jersey Gods. You guys can stay.
Jonah Hex
They can take my Jonah Hex when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.
Marvels Project
I can't think of any reason why I would drop this. It's definitely going to be awesome.
Mighty Avengers
I am not even sure why I am reading this, because I am not traditionally an Avengers kinda gal, but I am enjoying it so I'll keep it for now.
Muppet Show
YES! STAY! (Though I dropped Muppet: Robin Hood)
Power Girl
This comic is amazing and each issue is better than the one before. I love it.
I can probably swing one book a year. I have actually been buying the issues too because I can't wait.
Secret Six
I love this book. I can't imagine dropping it.
Scalped TPs
I used to buy the issues, but this story reads so much better in trade format. It's one of my favourite comics.
Tiny Titans
This is the one DC Kids comic I am going to keep. It makes me happy.
Top Ten
These aren't coming out in a hurry. I wish they would, though.

Toy Story
This comic is actually really awesome. If you like the movies you should be reading it.
Uncanny X-men
I like Matt Fraction's writing on this series that I will even suffer through the Greg Land art every other story arc. I'm keeping it.
Uncanny X-Men: First Class
I don't dislike this comic, but I could probably live without it.
The Unwritten
This comic is awesome and my husband loves it too. I could probably trade-wait it, though...
Wednesday Comics
I am actually way behind on my Wednesday Comics reading. And here's why: it was so hot the last couple of weeks that I couldn't comfortably read in any room that didn't have a fan. And reading Wednesday Comics in front of a fan is hard. But I am keeping this on the account until the end for sure.

Wolverine: Weapon-X
As long as Jason Aaron is writing it, I am reading it. Because it is the best.
Wonder Woman
As long as Gail Simone is writing it, I am reading it. Because it is the best.
Y: The Last Man HCs
I sold all my trades to replace them with these snazzy HCs. They come out pretty slowly (for some reason), so it's not really a burden.
I really love this comic, especially now that Francesco Francavilla is back on the art. Everyone should be reading this, especially during this Batman drought.

So there. I think I have made some decisions. Any suggestions of things I should be reading that aren't on this list?