What I would like for my birthday

It's my birthday, so I thought I would make a little wish list:



The Wedding of Steve Rogers and Winter Soldier

The Torrid, Cross-Dimensional Affair of Winter Soldier and Batman

An ongoing Namor series, written by Matt Fraction

The replacement of Greg Land by Colleen Coover on Uncanny X-Men

Gary Frank signing a contact whereby only he can draw Superman and Action Comics (no offense to the other fine artists drawing those comics, I just really love Gary Frank)

An Aquaman series drawn by J.Bone

A Power Man and Iron Fist buddy movie, set in the 70s

A Booster Gold and Blue Beetle buddy movie, set in the 80s

A really great Catwoman series, written by Will Pfeifer

SOMETHING written by Will Pfeifer

A Blackhawks series by Darwyn Cooke

Absolute Top Ten

Another printing of the second volume of the Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus

A comic about Batman where Batman is Bruce Wayne and is awesome

Another Matt Wagner Batman series

A charcoal grill

A really good World's Finest series

A poster of this:

Well, that's a good list for starters. Feel free to add your own in the comments!