Living Between Mondays

Alright, Christmas break is over. Time to get back to bloggin'.

Now, the bad news is that the new comics this week, due to a shipping error, won't be reaching Eastern Canada until...MONDAY!!!

Yes, it's true. No new Green Lantern, Batman, Captain America, Brave and the Bold OR Daredevil until MONDAY!

Fortunately, I got a bunch of comics to read for Christmas, including the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson Daredevil Omnibus, so I'm all set.

But mostly I have been reading Showcase Presents The Legion of Superheroes, which I also received for xmas. Man, what a bunch of jerks those kids are, eh? And Superboy is no better. Not even an apology to Mon-El for nearly killing him and then banishing him to the Phantom Zone? Really?

The other bright side to the comics being late is that it gives me time to work on my Best of 2007 post, which will probably take awhile.

And I've got some super hunks to rate.

Sooo...what did you guys get for Christmas?