Comic Foundry Rules

No time to do comic reviews this past week, but I do want to take a moment to praise the awesomeness of Comic Foundry Magazine. Issue #2 came out last week (this time in full colour!) and it is seriously great.

It's like if everything awesome about the comic book community came to life...and then maybe got cursed or something and became a magazine instead of a living thing.
Finally a magazine for smart, funny, cool comic fans!
The cover feature of the new issue is an interview with Matt Fraction...and, hey, putting an actual comic creator on the cover of a magazine instead of a picture of, like, Captain America?...nice one!
Also in this issue...
  • A fashion feature on how to get Jimmy Olsen's look!
  • An interview with Dinosaur Comics' creator Ryan North!
  • All-Star Batman & Robin drinking game!
  • Interview with Kristen Bell!
  • A Venture Bros. Article!
  • Album covers by comic artists!
  • A letter from me!

It's super great. Support this effort by buying at least one copy!