Halloween 2009!

Another Halloween has come and gone, and that means another successful Strange Adventures Halloween Party has come and gone. I finally found my camera cord, but I can't find my photo editing software, so I had to leave all the red eyes in. But that's Halloweeny, right?

Here is your Living Between Wednesdays team! L to R: Tiina, Johnathan, Me and Dave.

Ok, here's the thing: I had spray painted some boots red, but they wouldn't dry so I had to wear black ones. But besides that, and the fact that Bizarro isn't a tubby pregnant woman, not bad, eh?

Tiina has her glasses on here, but most of the night she was cold bumping into stuff. Johnathan's MODOK costume actually lit up which is awesome. Dave's Hawkeye costume was great. I was hoping for one of the sleeveless versions of the costume, though, but I guess Dave didn't want to show off his guns.

Here's the winner of Best Male costume: KANG!

He looks pretty happy about it.

And here's Best Female, everyone's least favourite comic character, CATHY!

That's just a well-executed good idea.

I unfortunately don't have a good picture of the Best Overall winner, which was an amazing Dalek costume. BUT you can go to the Strange Adventures site to see lots of great pictures of all the costumes, including that one.

Here are some more of my favourite costumes:

ANT-MAN AND WASP! (again, better pictures on the Strange Adventures site)




Get ready to have your mind blown...MA HUNKEL! THE ORIGINAL RED TORNADO!




There were so many awesome costumes, and again you should head over to the Strange Adventures site and check them all out. I love comic nerd Halloween parties because everyone goes all out.