"We ain't in the takin' prisoners bidness. We in the killin' Nazis bidness. And cousin, bidness is a-boomin'."

 Oh man, do I ever love this. Some talented individual with exquisite taste in both movies and comic artists (I still don't know who it was--these turned up on movie site CHUD, after appearing on Ain't It Cool News Guru Harry Jay Knowles' Twitter feed) created five covers for an imaginary Jack Kirby series adapting Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds into comic form. Whoever made these sure knows his stuff, 'cause they're bang on, both artistically and...er, designfully? Anyway, they're amazing, and I wish like hell there were comics to go with them. Check 'em out:

Hats off, guy whose signature is too small to read! I salute you, you magnificent Basterd!