Martian Manhunter Week: Private Eyes, They're Watching You...

Join me as we continue


In Detective Comics #227, our favourite Martian-disguised-as-a-detective finds himself facing another dirtbag mobster type. And thank God for the Martian Manhunter, because the chief of detectives really sucks:

Yeah, that's a pretty airtight alibi. I know I never sleep unless I have at least five witnesses.

By the way, there is a chance that the whole "fire = weakness" thing may come up later in this story.

J'onz pulls out some fancy Martian tricks to get to the bottom of this:

That must be a very loud clock.

J'onz finally meets the killer face-to-face, and doesn't give Fisk a positive first impression:

Who is he talking about? Wild look? John Jones? Really? This guy thinks someone else looks weird?:
Anyway, J'onz lays some heat on the guy:

That crook sucks. He's like "How do you know? I mean...You can't bluff me!" He just did, idiot.

Fisk is taking no chances. He orders a couple of his men to take this pesky detective out:

As I've said before, I enjoy J'onz's complete lack of subtlety. Like, Clark Kent would do something like that, but find a way to make sure no one saw him do anything weird. Martian Manhunter has no problem just waltzing through a wall, or turning invisible suddenly, or suddenly appearing in front of someone. And he's always totally calm about it. I can see how it would be really terrifying for criminals.

The car thing doesn't work, so the crooks try another meticulously-planned tactic:

Wait'll you see what's in Fisk's bag of tricks.

Well, I think we all know this is not going to work.

It doesn't work. And Fisk, his bag of tricks apparently empty now, decides to give up.

Nice diaper, MM.

What follows is a pretty excellent montage of Martian Manhunter scaring the hell out of Fisk:

This is so awesome:

Amazing. But then it goes wrong for our hero:

It doesn't look good, but since this all happens on the final page of the comic, things end up wrapping up nicely anyway.

Cool as a damn cucumber. I love this guy.