Living Between Wednesdays Holiday Gift Guide Part 4: 2-3 Kids!

Part 4: Big Enough for 2-3 Kids!

Everyone knows someone with two to three kids. Why not give them a break this year by providing their progeny with an enclosed space to hide out in, hopefully quietly, for hours at a time?

Frontier Cabin

Here you have your basic polyethelene Frontier Cabin, complete with rustic youth and nameplate. Note the ease with which one can purchase multiple such buildings – you can buy for multiple enchilded families at once or provide some lucky child with a village all their own.

Jet “Rocket” Space Ship

Missile Firing Tank

Polaris Nuclear Sub

I really don't have anything to say about the other three, except that I'm jealous of the kids who got to play with these things, even if they were made of corrugated cardboard.