Photos From HeroesCon

Here, finally, are my photos from HeroesCon. As I said, I didn't take very many. Here are the best ones.

Me holding the beautifully-lettered sign made by Kris Black for me when he picked me up at the airport:

That was taken in my very sweet hotel room at the Hilton.

Me and Robert Kirkman:

Do I look like I'm running on two hours of sleep? I think I do.

And here I am with the Chapman brothers and the beloved Homestar puppet:

This is a photo I snapped from my seat at the Collaboration in Comics panel. In this photo you'll see, from closest to furthest, Matt Fraction, Darwyn Cooke, Cliff Chiang, Barry Kitson (mostly hidden) and Jimmy Palmiotti. Pretty all-star.

Buffy artist Georges Jeanty does a sketch for my pal Tiina.

Benito Cereno, Nate Bellegarde (sketching Two Face for me!), Darkseid, and Mister Miracle (passed out).

Me and 3/5 of the Dollar Bin crew (Brian, Tre and Adam) at the after-party):

Here are some photos of the Heroes Aren't Hard to Find comic shop in Charlotte, which put on the event. This is the afterparty. This shop was completely amazing. I work at an amazing comic shop, so I am not easily impressed by other shops, but this one is rad:

They run all the wires from the computers and stuff through those giant Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus statues. Isn't that awesome?! (oh wait, you can't see Spider-Man in either of these photos...well...he's there...fighting Doctor Octopus).

Outside at the party:

It was a great time!