You Gonna Boot Me, Fileboner, or Are You Wearing Heels?

Don't make me sweat it out, even if I am a bit hip-happy.

That's right, my fellow teens: it's time for another vocabulary lesson from the fine folks at DC Comics! Soon you'll go from being just another broom with a lousy hair-raid to an on-the-chain hep ca, the subject of many a sugar report! 

This batch of purported slang seems to be even shakier than the last, especially if guys really were that hostile about making introductions - the last thing that I'd want to do is give a guy with that expression on his face an excuse for physical violence. Actually, I'm kind of sad that "Boot me!" hasn't had the success that "Shot down in flames." has enjoyed - I'm sure that hundreds of Archie punchlines alone could have resulted.

Unquestionably, though, there is one bit of slang from this page that we should all try to resurrect:

Setting aside the fact that hardly anyone writes letters any more, and that our horrible 21st Century brains can't help but think that any phrase with the word sweat in it is dirty in the extreme, you have to admit that referring to a love letter as a sugar report is just adorable. I command you to write one this week!

So until next time, fileboners, remember:

Hip-Happy means plump!