Marvel Fatties!


Now that the Marvel Zombies craze has just about run its course, it’s time for the House of Ideas to beat another concept right into the ground! Make way, True Believers, ‘cause here come the MARVEL FATTIES!

When the East Coast-West Coast rivalry between crime lords the Kingpin and the Slug explodes into an all-out gang war, the only ones who can stop the bloodshed are the newly formed Marvel Fatties! Assembled by Foggy Nelson from across the Marvel Universe, this corpulent collection of porcine powerhouses includes Big Bertha, The Shape, Gatecrasher, The Contemplator, and Phat. Standing in their way are a collection of some of the tubbiest troubledoers ever to menace Mighty Marvel—The Blob, Egghead, Dr. Faustus, Pink Pearl, and Amahl Farouk, AKA the Shadow King! And, waiting in the wings to televise the entire fiasco is none other than Mojo!

Marvel Fatties. ‘Cause if you ain’t fat…you ain’t nothin’.