Welcome to the Jungle

Sorry, sorry. I totally disappeared again. But you guys must be getting used to that by now.

I am in my final two weeks of grad school, so I expect to have more free time soon. Although, I will also be starting my new full time job on Dec 1 at a local publishing company. So no down time for me! I do have some posts I am working on, though. They will be up very soon. I've sort of had this extra problem where my computer is kinda busted and I have to run it in safe mode until I have time to fix it, so I can't scan anything. It's slowing me down.

Sadly, I'll also no longer be working at Strange Adventures comic shop after next week. It's been a wonderful two years! Like when Homer got that job at the bowling alley.

Now for some good news!

Check this out! My band, The Stolen Minks, was chosen as a featured artist on MySpace this week!!! Right next to Guns N' Roses! Look!!!

Adding to this excitement is the fact that our new album, High Kicks, was #2 on the Canadian independent radio charts for the month of October.

It's all very exciting. But I didn't have to do any of the hard work. My bandmates just got back from a 10 week tour of North America. You can read all about it on their hilarious tour blog.