"There are dozens of us! DOZENS!"

 I’ve been recently started re-watching the late, great Arrested Development on DVD, which is always fun to do when a show carries that many layers of humour. It’s tough to pick a favourite character—everything raspy illusionist Gob Bluth does or says is hilarious to me—but I’ve gotta go with Tobias Funke, Lindsay Bluth’s probably-gay, psychatrist-turned-actor husband (played by Mr. Show’s David Cross).


If you are familiar at all with the show, then you probably know that Tobias suffers from an extremely rare psychological affliction; he’s a Never-nude, which means that he can’t stand to ever be completely naked. Hence his ever-present cut-off jean shorts, which he even wears while sobbing in the shower after blowing yet another audition.


The introduction of this character detail, however, reminded me of a conversation with a customer of mine a few years back, when said customer pointed out a comics character who also apparently suffered from the same bizarre neurosis:


Poor guy. I just thought he liked cut-offs.

 A footnote: while preparing to do this post, I did a Google search for the words “Kamandi” and “never nude” to see if anyone else in the blogosphere had tackled this subject already. I found a link to Chris Samnee’s blog, where he referred to Kamandi as a Never-nude in the comments thread pertaining to an amazing Kamandi/OMAC illustration he had done (do yourself a favour and check it out here). By the way, Samnee is a super-talented artist to watch out for. His upcoming Thor and the Mighty Avengers ongoing series, written by LBW favourite Roger Langridge, promises to be a lot more entertaining than most of the current Avengers franchise.