The Unfunnies: Kitty McTabby

From the 40s to the 60s, super hero comics frequently featured more cartoony, comic-relief one-and two-page strips in addition to the action-adventure style stories that were advertised on the cover. Sometimes these stories were somewhat related to the main feature - Aquaman comics frequently featured the adventures of Homer the Skin Diver, for example -  but more often they functioned as complete non-sequitors. 

And not just in terms of subject. These comics frequently do not make sense, especially as objects of mirth. Whether it's because of changing standards of humour or because they weren't funny in the first place, they often leave me scratching my head. And yet they are clearly meant to be amusing... it's maddening! 

In an effort to cut down on my frustration by spreading it around, I'm going to start sharing these confounding artifacts with you folk - look for them on slow days when I'm feeling bored. Please feel free to try to explain why they are or are not funny in the comments section.


"Kitty McTabby" from Superman No. 18.