As Long as We're Off-Topic...

My father and I had lunch a couple of days ago, and I guess that he must have been cleaning out his basement because he gave me a bag of my old clothing. "Keep it secret, keep it safe." he rasped and then sped off into the night early afternoon in his turquoise Jetta. I honestly hadn't really thought about these clothes in a while, since they're from a period in my life that I thought was completely behind me. I mean, I learned a lot, but honestly I barely remember most of it. 

I am pleased to note that some of it still fit me, even though I've put on a bit of weight:


The big revelation for me that came from these clothes is that Baby Johnathan must have been obsessed with overalls. Of ten pairs of pants in the bag, nine were overalls and the tenth was the bottom half of the tracksuit pictured above. Sadly, they don't fit quite as well.

And now that I have satisfied my whimsical compulsion to wear baby clothes on my head: happy Friday, everyone.