The Unfunnies: Cora the Car Hop, Above and Beyond

Cora the Car Hop is a true champion of the Unfunnies: not only do her comics frequently end on a completely impenetrable punchline, but they rely on knowledge of a profession that has basically disappeared but that at the time was fresh and new and worthy of some level of comment. Here's a taste:

Man, I wish I had a restaurant called 'EATS' that I could go to. 

Anyway, ho ho ho the motorcycle has no place to attach the tray. A wonderful example of an Unfunny from Lois Lane no 9. Sadly for it and its hopes for a place in history it is completely upstaged a mere 15 issues later by this little gem:

Because nothing trumps unfunny and outdated like unfunny, outdated and vaguely creepy.