Minor Villain Showcase: The Ancient Mariner

Straight from Batman No. 142, it's the Ancient Mariner!


Yes, the Ancient Mariner, the villain who dare to take on the Batman himself armed only with age and an albatross! Presenting the summary of his career:

High Point of Career:

Unquestionably, the Ancient Mariner's greatest triumph was defeating the Dynamic Duo using only a simple albatross and his gnarled, arthritic fists. Especially impressive is the fact that Batman and Robin had just taken down five or six much younger men, though none of those were equipped with enormous seabirds.

Mode of Defeat:

Betrayal and fisticuffs. It just goes to show that you should never trust an albatross. Just like my grandmother always told me, really.

Low Point of Career:

Unquestionably, the revelation that the crimes were not actually being committed by the Ancient Mariner (aka Captain Stubbs) at all, but by his landlord Mr. Travis, who took the following circumstances:

a) Knew a crazy old man with a grudge against a shipping company.

b) Had befriended said crazy old man's pet albatross.

As a sign that he should steal the man's identity and become a nautical-poem-themed sea pirate. In Gotham City. Armed only with an albatross and a harpoon.

Honestly, the guy is going to have such a hard time living this one down that I don't think that he even needs to be sent to prison - he will never be able to lift his head again.

Carry on, Captain Stubbs. Carry on.