Someone Somewhere Must Have Covered This Already, But...

 ...we got in a collection of comics at the store yesterday that was just plain all over the place--a lot of beat-up Silver Age DC, some Marvel movie adaptations (Dune, etc.) and things that seemed like toy tie-ins that I don't remember any toys for (Animax, anybody?), and weird crap I'd never seen before, like a comic that taught kids all about...moving. Like, moving to a different house. It was no Moving with Richard Pryor, lemme tell ya. Anyway, one comic that I knew of, but really hadn't devoted much thought to since I was ten, was in there, and it got me thinking:



Hey, wasn't there a more recent comic with a similar title that also featured a white-haired protagonist with two sidekicks, one male, one female?


Be sure to tune in next week, when I blow the lid off the whole Get Along Gang/Authority connection.