The Unfunnies: The Other Shorty

Somehow, my four-day weekend has turned into the sort of social whirlwind that precludes actual comic-reading, so while I have purchased such highly-anticipated books as the Superman vs Muhammad Ali reissue and the Kill Shakespeare trade I as yet have no opinions to share on 'em.

But since part of the social insanity has been a houseguest and that houseguest is a dog and that dog is a Welsh Corgi, I think that it is time to introduce DC Comics' other character named Shorty:


This particular Shorty is part of a loose society of cartoon dogs from the early days of DC. Pretty standard stuff (the wiener dog doesn't realize how long he is! LOL!) but interesting in that the dogs that they feature are basically all criminals, concerned only with fighting and stealing. Kind of like real dogs, actually - thankfully, our dog-guest is too short to steal and too prudent to fight, so things are going smoothly.

- From Superman No. 3