John Buys Comics: December Edition

That's right, it's December, that magical month in which I don't seem to actually be doing a whole lot more with my time but somehow there still never actually seems to be enough time to do things. 

So much was bought but little was read, so sad, so sad. No matter! Here are some bullet points for you all.

- King City No. 12: Either this was the end of the series and I will be sad or issue 13 will be a fantastic jumping-on point for newbies. In either case this was a terrific comic. Seldom have I felt such satisfaction as several plotlines wrapped up at once, a task at which comics are frequently terrible. 

- Doom Patrol No. 17: I don't even care if this story continues next issue. That was one of the most brilliantly groan-worthy last-page gags I have ever seen. 

- Action Comics Annual No. 13: I'm still processing this one. The inclusion of what amounts to mentoring from some of the greatest super-menaces in the DCU to Lex Luthor's origins is an interesting one and it certainly could work with the character that I hold so dear. It's still a pretty radical addition to the Lex Luthor: Self-Made Man characterization that is so central to his interactions with the world. I'll wait and see how they handle this - frankly, the most unnerving thing about the issue was Luthor's eerie resemblance to Jimmy Olsen.

- Marineman No. 1: I liked this, and it has potential, but I have no ability to gauge a series' worth from its first issue. Check back in January.

And of course:

- Achewood: A Home For Scared People: One of the greatest comics on the Internet gets another beautiful hardcover from Dark Horse. Features not only Roast Beef's trip to the Moon but a series of intensely enjoyable text pieces on the nature of Ray and Beef's relationship. Smiles for miles!

And now I am off to once again fret over season obligations and stresses. Ta ta!