A lot of highly enjoyable comics came out this week - Skullkickers, The Sixth Gun, Invincible, an issue of Chew that practically guarantees that I will be eating fried chicken over the holidays, the Larfleeze Christmas Special - but I'm afraid that they will all have to take a back seat to the book that has given me untold joy from the instant that I picked it up: Axe Cop.


If you're not already familiar with Axe Cop, well, shame on you. Still, I always try to help the underprivledged, so here's the skinny: Axe Cop is a collaboration between Ethan Nicolle (age 30, illustrations) and his brother Malachai (age 6, story) and between the two of them they have created something wonderful. Malachai's ideas are as bizzarre and delightful as those of any imaginative youngster - Axe Cop is an axe-weilding, head-chopping supercop; his partner Flute Cop regularly mutates due to exposure to dinosaur blood, avocadoes and unicorn magic; Axe Cop rides Wexter, a flying Tyrannosaurus Rex sporting sunglasses and machine gun arms - while Ethan's art is clean and precise, which underscores just how sublimely ridiculous the whole thing is.

Also ridiculous: Axe Cop (website here) is only a year old and in that time they have produced 3+ amazing story arcs and fifty installments of the possibly-even-better Ask Axe Cop - an impressive output for what averages out to a couple of eighteen year olds.

In conclusion: Axe Cop.