The Long Dark Period of Mourning is Over

Yes, though my old computer is dead as a doornail at the tender age of one year, I have found solace in the arms of a brand new model. In celebration and jubilation I offer you this image, from

The Brave and the Bold

No. 62, as it brought me great solace over the long dark two weeks of sadness that have just ended.

That is, of course, old school villain Sportsmaster and his wife Huntress riding a flying putting green on their way to steal a golf bag literally stuffed full of cash as part of a tournament prize. The Huntress is wearing her usual tiger-print swimsuit, cape and boots, while Sportsmaster has changed into themed golfing duds for the occasion. He is hitting exploding golf balls to bedevil his enemies.

This is the most Silver Age thing you will see all day.