I'd kill for a pair of those shoes.

So it's Christmas Eve and I'm tucking into The Brave and the Bold no.164: Batman and Hawkman (July, 1980). Then I see this on the inside front cover:

So that's pretty creepy/hilarious (mostly creepy). I finally get over it and start reading the actual story of Batman and Hawkman and The Riddle of the Haunted Museum. I get four pages in and I'm faced with this:


So, O.J. really likes shoes. I was actually scared to turn the page again.

I really am going to write about this amazing comic (the one about Batman and Hawkman) soon, but I have to get over being faced with this grinning, cartoony murderer interrupting the story not once, but twice.

(P.S. - has anyone heard from the Dingo kids lately? Anyone? I'm just sayin'...you might want to check O.J.'s back yard).