A Gorilla-Themed Palate-Cleanser

I was going to write about Flashpoint No. 5, but I just don't feel like being super negative today. Suffice to say that I exclaimed "That's stupid" more than once, and that my dog was saddened by the tone of my voice. I had to calm him down with a belly rub.

Instead, here's an excerpt from a comic I read and genuinely enjoyed this week:


Namely, Detective Comics No 232, in which Batman is consulting on the set of a Batman movie. On this specific page, a couple of writers try to get a handle on the character and are delightful.

They might actually be the only characters to get a chuckle out of me with the old "accidentally discover Batman's secret identity and then laugh it off" gag, possibly because of the joyful little faces pictured above.


Even more likely, though, is that it's just reflected hilarity from this couple of panels. These guys should have been folded into Batman's supporting cast.


Bonus! That wasn't just a throwaway gag page, it was set-up! It was an example of Chekhov's Gorilla Suit, and that might be the most satisfying thing I've ever written.

Of course, there were plenty of good comics out this week. Skullkickers, The Sixth Gun, Invincible, the excellent Infinite Kung Fu TPB (came out last week but who's counting). The moral of the story, I guess, is that I should never read event comics ever again. Also, watch out for guys in gorilla costumes.