That Took a Long Time.

Holy poo! We came back!

I'd love to tell an epic tale of how we fixed the problems that were keeping us down, maybe one involving another dimension where blog posts are used as currency and an evil cabal employed super-advanced malware in order to control the flow of incredibly valuable nonsense from this site. And then I had to go fight them and got a sidekick that was a sentient owl or something and I finally won once I learned the secret of caring and I had the chance to be king but came back here for some reason.

The reality is much more boring: stupid real-world malware and the wrong passwords and thinking one thing was wrong when in fact it was another. And then we got discouraged for a while and I got distracted by my puppy. But we fixed it in the end! And then it took like a month for Google to believe that we weren't still evil viruses pretending to be people who like comic books. Hooray!

So... how about them Batmans?