The Battle Against Inertia

So: there's something about having a website knocked out of commission for a year that really breaks any sort of rhythm that you've got going, post-wise. Not, I hasten to add, that I was going all-out in the months leading up to Living Between Wednesdays' infiltration by just the worst malware ever (and by worst I both mean that it was very irritating to get rid of and also that it did little more than insert an invisible link to a defunct website on every page here, thus accomplishing nothing, I think), but if nothing else I was happily churning out a few items a month for your delectation. 

That year of inactivity drags at me, even now that the site is back in human control once more. But a man... a man must CREATE, and to that end I am resolving to update this dang site again, and frequently! Several times! I've re-learned how to upload images and everything! Look:

That there is a headshot of Joe Modem, the scrappy hero-style character I created for Armagideon Time Andrew's Ultimate Heroes Jam project, in which he rolls up a character using the old Marvel RPG character creation rules and then someone like me tries to make a coherent character out of the resultant mess. Fun!

Keep on tuning in for more... things and stuff... soon. Yes... soon.

I promise!